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Derksen Buildings

We are proud to be a Derksen Portable Buildings supplier. Whether you are purchasing a storage building to go along with your new home, or looking for a building to go on your existing home or business property, we have a solution for you. Feel free to browse the buildings on our lot at 1037 Road E (across the street from Bomgaars) or contact us for more information. You can also use the ‘design your own building option’ on the Derksen Buildings website and then ask us for a price quote on your custom building (call us, stop in, or use the ‘contact us’ tab on this website and we will get you a quote). From economy buildings, garages, large lofted buildings and even cabanas and dog kennels, Derksen has it all!

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Photo Jun 15, 2 52 03 PM

Lofted Barn

10'x16' (Sold! Order yours today!) $5,195.00 (excluding tax)

Garage 608834

Portable Garage

$9,480.00 (excluding tax)

Dog Kennel 608697-1

Dog Kennel

2 stalls - 8'x16'
$6,775.00 (excluding tax)

Side Lofted Utility

Side Lofted Utility

12'x20' (5% off lot model)
$8,165.00 (excluding tax)

EMUT Metal side

Best Value Metal - Side

10'x16' (5% off on lot model)
$3,630.00 (excluding tax)



10'x16' (Sold! Order yours today!)
$5,445.00 (excluding tax)

Utility 608942-1

Utility Xtra Height

$3,240 (excluding tax)

Best Value Metal

Best Value Metal

$2,465.00 (excluding tax)

Utility Xtra Height 2

Standard Barn

10'x12' (5% off lot model)
$3,700.00 (excluding tax)

Utility Xtra Height 3

Utility Xtra Height

8'x12' (5% off lot model)
$3,240.00 (excluding tax)

Cabin Front

Cabin (HUGE!)

$11,800 (excluding tax)


Side Lofted Barn

$6,625 (excluding tax)

EMUT wood-1

Side Lofted Barn Best Value!

$6,200 (excluding tax)

Utility 616788-2

Utility Xtra Height

$4,665 (excluding tax)