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Steps To Purchasing A Manufactured Home

Buying a manufactured home is not much different than buying a site-built home, with the exception that you have to less to worry about since all manufactured home builders have strict quality controls and HUD models are built to the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development standards. You can choose from different floor plans, styles and designs and you still have the ability to make customizations to many of the floor plans if you wish. The good news is that you will be able to save a significant amount of money buying a manufactured home and you’ll know that your home will meet strict quality standards. In most cases you will also be able to move into your new home much quicker if you buy a manufactured home versus a site-built home.
Step 1: Determine Location
Determine where you want to place the home. Will this be going on to a private residence in city limits, on a farm, by a lake or river, or in a community. All of these examples have different requirements when it comes to setup, which could impact the size and type of the home you wish to buy and could impact how the home is setup. Homes on a sandy lakeside lot for example, have different setup requirements versus homes in a community or city lot.
Step 2: Find A Dealer
Find a reputable dealer and meet with them to view model homes and discuss options. At this time you should have an idea of what you really need in a home. For example, how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Will you be needing a home office? Everyone has unique wants and needs when they start shopping for a home and it’s not unusual for those priorities to change as someone goes though the buying process and sees the options that are available.
Step 3: Choose A Floorplan
Choose a floorplan. Once you’ve decided on which home you want and complete the sales/financing agreements, your dealer will send in the authorization to the builder and construction will begin. Once your home is complete it will be delivered and installed by federally licensed installers. Once the home is installed and utilities are hooked up, a federally licensed inspector, along with any required local inspectors, will review and sign off on the setup and you will be given approval to move into your new home!